East Africa Bucket List

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In just 20 weeks we leave for Africa and whilst there is still a lot to do here I have started to look at what awaits. Today is the start of the Easter Holidays in the UK. The school days at Isamilo will be long but the holiday periods will be longer than in the UK. Whilst I know that  I will devote some of that time to the usual marking, planning and preparation that makes up the teaching life there will be time and hopefully money to travel.

Many years ago I said to Anita that for my 50th Birthday, I’d like to take a balloon flight over the Serengeti – the proximity of the wildlife park and the date of my birthday ( I will be 50 whilst in Tanzania) makes this a definite reality.

Here is a ‘bucket list’ of things I’d like to do.

  1. Serengeti National Park
  2. Kilimanjaro
  3. Zanzibar
  4. Ngorongoro Crater
  5. Gombe National Park
  6. Tarangire National Park
  7. Lake Tanganyika
  8. Pemba
  9. Arusha
  10. Lake Manyara
  11. Ruaha
  12. Lake Victoria -(Easy because we’re living there)

These are all in Tanzania – Serengeti being 2-3 hours drive from Mwanza. Further afield but still within travel time are

  1. Mt Mulange (Malawi)
  2. Zomba Plateau (Malawi)
  3. Victoria Falls (Zambia)
  4. Masai Mara (Kenya)
  5. Bwindi Forest (Uganda) – Mountain Gorillas
  6. Kigali Memorial Centre (Rwanda)

The first two are in Anita’s old stomping ground of Malawi.

I’d also like to visit Mozambique or even the Comoros – both intrigue me.

I’m sure that when I’m out there new ideas will come and new places added – we’ll just have to wait and see.

Any suggestions welcome.



10 responses to “East Africa Bucket List

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  5. I Travelled to Mwanza last summer and went on a 3 day safari and visited the Ngorogor crater and it was AMAZING! … i’m very jealous! … I am travelling out again this August, but just for a month this time. But i graduate as a teacher next year and am seriously considering looking for vacancies at isamilo. I visited the school (just to go swimming) during my stay and know a family who go there / have worked there, and it sounds a great place to world and study! I’m sure you will love it! have u been to Tanzania at all before?


    • We have not but Anita my wife spent two years in Malawi and I spent a week in The Gambia and nearly a month in South East Asia. I have always wanted to teach in Africa and am very much looking forward to it. Wishing you every success as you finish your teaching qualification.


  6. If you are going to travel to Victoria Falls (Mosi oa Tunya). Maybe you would like to visit Great Zimbabwe. I would love to see those ruins and learn more about that ancient African society.


  7. Since you’re “in the region”, why not visit South Africa too?


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