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Weekly Photo Challenge : ROY G BIV (in Uganda)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “ROY G. BIV.”

Our Easter trip to Uganda provided the full spectrum of colours as we travelled through the towns. The buildings were all brightly painted and in so doing became advertising hoardings for a variety of companies – you can see more here

In Jinja we came across multi-coloured buildings with a rainbow of shades


Uganda Retrospective: Murchison Falls Game Park

Our two day Safari in Murchison Falls Game Reserve gave us a different experience to Serengeti and Ngorogoro back in October. Here are a selection of the best.

Uganda Retrospective: Sipi Falls

The original post contained some great pictures from the phone but the camera photos add so much more – so here they are. The three main falls were part of a 3 hour guided walk through the coffee fields, banana groves and villages of Sipi. We even encountered the alien looking wild banana plant – the inedible ancestor of all modern bananas.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Slow Motion

Here is a submission to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

These two snails:

One British, one Tanzanian;

One large one small.

Both slow!

The UK snail featured in an earlier challenge from May 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Water in Motion

Here is a submission to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Waterfalls are amazing sites of nature. In Uganda we were able to visit both Sipi Falls and Murchison Falls.

 Murchison Falls

The Nile river flows into the Rift Valley through a gap of a few  metres wide creating dramatic motion.


Sipi Falls is actually three separate water falls collecting water from Mount Elgon – the water will eventually flow into the Nile. We walked from the 2nd to the 3rd and back to the 1st. The last fall on our walk was the most dramatic.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Birds in Motion

Here is a submission to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion. These pictures taken in Uganda at Sipi Falls and in Murchison Falls of Birds in Flight.



Ugandan Birds

Uganda has some amazing wildlife. Some is similar to Tanzania, others are very different. Here is a selection which also includes two from Bukoba (Tz) but near to the Ugandan border.

Uganda Retrospective : Botanical Gardens

Whilst in Entebbe we visited the Botanical Gardens. Planted by the British over 100 years ago the gardens are home to a variety of trees and wildlife. We decided to hire us a guide to show us around which was a worthwhile investment. The gardens are reputed to have been the location for the filming of the early Tarzan Films and we were shown the area where this was purported to have happened. We managed to see a number of bird species including a Crowned Hornbill. We also found a stray puppy, very much alone and neglected, which we gave to some locals after a few cuddles.

Uganda Retrospective: Entebbe Chimps 

Our day in Entebbe last week incorporated a visit to UWEC a zoo with a purpose and one of the highlights was seeing Chimpanzees. Although technically in a Zoo, these animals isolated on an island and were as wild as you could get in Entebbe. It made up for missing them at Murchison.  The group frolicked with each other, rolling up and down the hill, wrestling and making mischief.


Uganda Retrospective: Nile Cruise

Whilst in Jinja on our recent trip to Uganda we were able to experience the River Nile in two very different ways. We spent one day white water rafting, but the evening before we took in the Nile at a more sedate pace as we had a Sunset Cruise. It was a great evening.


Before we set off we were pleased and surprised to bump into three colleagues from school (Paul, Karl and Julian also with his son) returning from a kayaking trip and holidaying in Uganda.  It’s a small world!

Our trip was supposed to have been shared with a party from a  brewery company but in the end they were late meaning the boat was just us and Anna, another ex-pat NGO on holiday from South Sudan. We all decided not to have the accompanying  disco music but to take in the Nile’s atmosphere. As the sun slowly set we got some glorious sunsets.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

From our recent Uganda trip – the dawn over Kampala with an actual early bird. A submission to this week’s photo challenge: Early Bird    


Uganda Retrospective: Putting Up A Front

One of the things which struck us as we traveled across Uganda was the shop fronts. From town to town, wherever we went from Kampala to Jinja to Murchison Falls to Mbale to Entebbe and all towns in between, the buildings looked the same. I decorated they were drab rectangular boxes, yet most were decorated in bright colours. There was no randomness here – this was all planned and designed, meticulously painted adverts for local and international companies. Each building becoming an advertising hoarding.


What I particularly liked was the way the painting followed the contours. All roofs had indents with air bricks. However the painter continued to paint in perspective so the viewed head-on or from the side, the advert remained in tact.30 Bukoba to Kampala (37)

Initially I thought these adverts were related to the shop, but on closer inspection the shops did not always relate to the adverts painted above.

This style of building and it’s painted adverts was unique to Uganda – here in Tanzania although some walls are painted with ads it is very much rarer and the buildings much different.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat (Well… Sometimes)

A shameless re-blog of our  experience of White Water Rafting on the Nile at the start of the month. However, with this week’s photo challenge being on the theme of Afloat, I just could not resist. 😉

It was an awesome experience and one of the highlights of our holiday. Here are some of the photos from our adventure. Full story here