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Solar Storm in a Teacup!

T minus 114

Selling our house has proved a little more difficult than we imagined and it’s all down to Solar Panels

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Letters 6

One more contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge taken last year in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Both relate to food.



The Blue Pumpkin

We had a fabulous Ice Cream ‘breakfast’ in this restaurant.

Notice the script, which is in Khmer the language of Cambodia. The Khmer language has an unusual Script which is very different to ours in the West but also different to other surrounding countries.

Blue Pumpkin Restaurants make their own ice hygienically, which meant we could safely eat it.

This is  unlike many of the restaurants where ice is sawn off a larger block on the back of  a lorry by hand before being dragged through the streets into the kitchen (Yuk!).

In the same town we came across this sign advertising smoothies.


A roadside sign advertising Smoothies for a different restaurant!

I don’t fancy number 5! Do you?

Green and Gold

T Minus 115

I think this is probably the best time of year on my journey to and from work. Spring is in full flood. This morning the scenery was shrouded in mist; shades of grey surrounding the world as I passed by.

This made the journey home this evening all the more impressive as I passed by a patchwork of golden yellow rapeseed infiltrating the vibrant green of conventional crops.

Unfortunately I never really get a chance to photograph it on my journeys to and from work so this is a written memory (photo  below is a Stock Photo).


The journey from Long Crendon to Waddeston via Winchendon Hill gives fantastic views on a sunny day. As well as the fields the verges are in harmony with dandelions peeking through the long grasses. In Whitchurch the palette changes with blue Wisteria and Ceonothus bushes against the walls of the houses. These are slightly ahead of our own which will soon come into bloom. Then it’s back to green and gold as I head down to Swanbourne. On the other side it’s fields full of lambs and on to Drayton Parslow, Bletchley then home.

I will definitely miss this journey in years to come. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters 5

This image of me was produced on a Dot Matrix Printer at the Science Museum in 1977. If you look closely you will see it is composed of thousands of letters and other characters. It was quite revolutionary in it’s time – several years before printing as we know it.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Letters

Unpicking the Strands

T Minus 116

It’s not until you decide to move you realise exactly how much you are tied to a location. Moving country even more so.

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Spain (Seville) 1987

T Minus 117

As part of an aim to blog earlier travels before leaving for Tanzania, the Spain (Seville) Page is now live with content.

Follow the link to see much more detail and more pictures. 😀

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Anita 1)

IMAG0861_BURST002_COVERHow long do people with ‘mobility issues’ have to pull over for? Bit unfair don’t you think?!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters – 4

Scrabble has to be the most famous game of letters. This is my fourth submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge

20140427-083059.jpgAny ideas what 7 letter word you can make from this selection of letters?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters – 3

This is my third submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters.

Waddeston (139)

Taken at Waddeston Manor in September 2012.


Other submissions are  here

Familiar yet Unknown

T minus 118

Every day I see her. Depending on which time my car reaches Long Crendon, depends on where along the road she is.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters – 2

My second submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge .

M&M or maybe T&T?
It’s time for a Saturday morning ‘cuppa’. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


This signpost at the start of a wonderful summers walk through a lovely part of the Lake District (Etterdale) in August 2013. This is my first entry into the Weekly Photo Challenge  on the theme of Letters

Spain 2000

T Minus 119

As part of an aim to blog earlier travels before leaving for Tanzania, the Spain (Torremolinos) Page is now live with content.

Follow the link to see much more detail and more pictures. 😀

Hol 2000 - SPAIN (9a) Hol 2000 - SPAIN (4b) Hol 2000 - SPAIN (30a) Hol 2000 - SPAIN (21d) Hol 2000 - SPAIN (27a) Hol 2000 - SPAIN (31d) Hol 2000 - SPAIN (33c) Hol 2000 - SPAIN (17)d

5 fascinating facts about the giraffe!

Fascinating indeed!

Vacation 2 Africa

Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)

This towering tree-muncher occurs across subSaharan Africa in nine different subspecies. These are distinguished from one another by their different patterns of blotches, but all share the extraordinarily long neck – of course –and many other peculiarities besides.

  1. The giraffe has the largest heart of any land mammal, weighing more than 11kg. It needs this massive organ in order to generate enough pressure for pumping blood around the extremities of its enormous body.
  2. The skin of a giraffe’s lower legs is extremely tight and acts like support stockings, restricting the circulation to reduce pressure on the blood vessels of the lower legs.
  3. A giraffe’s horns are known as ossicones and are fused to the skull. Mature male giraffes can be distinguished from young males and females because their ossicones are rubbed smooth by fighting.
  4. Male giraffes fight for dominance by swinging their heads and necks…

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We might never return to the UK!

T minus 120

Time to face the truth – this could be the last 120 days we ever spend in the UK! When we fly out to Tanzania we might not return…..

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What awaits us?

T Minus 121

I thought it about time I shared a little about our destination. This is obviously prior to arrival but gives an idea of what awaits us. There are probably many gaps which only be completed when we live there.

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Keys of Life

T minus 122

I have keys to the car, keys to our house and my office keys. As a Head of Faculty I possess keys to every computer room, my office and numerous cupboards. At home we have front door, back door, shed, garage and gate. Each are so very important and to lose them would be a disaster.
Yet, it seems strange to think that soon these pieces of carved metal will no longer be in our possession.
These keys open many different doors and yet a much bigger door is opening before us which will make each of these obsolete as we hand them over one by one.

Gray’s and Blues

T Minus 123

Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK and so with the weather looking good we headed of with Anita’s family to Gray’s Court a National Trust property near Henley on Thames. Some fabulous gardens built among the ruins of a castle and a fabulous bluebell wood. We had a great time.

























Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top – 4

My final submissions to Weekly Photo Challenge both taken on Mount Snowden in 2012.


At the top of Snowden 1085m. It’s funny to think this is lower than our soon to be home in Mwanza, Tanzania (1139m)20140421-090837.jpgOn the way back down we saw this amazing cloud on top of the mountains. A Lenticular cloud.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top – 3

A third submission to Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top. Taken at Disneyland Paris at Easter in 2004.