France (Paris) – 2005

In October 2005 we travelled to France for a Half Term Break with my (Graham’s) parents. It was a great week away staying on a Fleur Holidays campsite near Paris

Day 1 – Journey to La Croix du Vieux Pont

It was an early start to catch the Eurotunnel train across to France, but a great way to cross the Channel. We were going to France to celebrate Bekah’s 5th Birthday (and Anita’s 36th!).

Crossing the channel joined the fast moving French toll roads, stopping only for a picnic at a Bois D’Arsy.

We arrived at our Mobile Home for the week situated on the ‘La Croix du Vieux Pont’ about an hour from Paris. It turned out that this was the same one we had stayed in on our previous visit.

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Visit to Longpont and Pierrefonds

Having settled in we made the most of the afternoon and visited two local towns.

Day 2 – Coucy le Chateau

Coucy le Chateau – a great place to visit.

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Day 3 – Disneyland Paris

One of the  highlights of our holiday was a visit to Disneyland Paris.

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Day 4 – Chateau de Sept Monts

Another day another Chateau.

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Day 5 – Vic Sur A’sne, Carrières de Confrécourt and Fort de Condé A day in three parts. Starting with a visit to the local village of Vic Sur A’sne. Having visited the local market we then travelled out and off to Carrières de Confrécourt, caves hidden within a woodland copse and home to the French Resistance. These were really hidden away amidst fields and mountains of sugar beet. Having stopped by a canal we travelled on to Fort de Condé, which was built in the time of the revolution.


Day 6 – Paris

A visit to the region just had to include Paris – so an early morning drive to a tube station and a train into the centre. It was a gorgeous sunny October day, perfect views from the Eiffel Tower of the city below.

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Day 7 –  Journey Home and Lille

We broke our journey back with a visit to Lille.

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It was a great holiday, a fabulous time together – little did I know it would be the last holiday with my Dad, who passed away the following year.

Pierrefonds 009

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