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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top – 3

A third submission to Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top. Taken at Disneyland Paris at Easter in 2004.

Red Letter Days

T minus 124

Today is a Red Letter Day. These are days of special significance. The term comes from the practice of the church calendars of the Middle Ages where such days were written in Red Ink. Today is Easter Sunday and a special day for all Christians. I have shared in other posts more about this. This post is more about our changes.

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T Minus 124

Happy Easter to all our visitors, viewers and fellow bloggers.

Easter EGGS, Easter EGGS,
Lovely, Shiny, Easter EGGS.

An EGGS-otic, EGGS-pensive,
EGGS-plosion of taste,
An EGGS-traordinary EGGS-perience,
EGGS-ceptional EGGS-hilaration.

A foil wrapped,
Fondant Filled,
Chocolate Surprise

EGGS-cept that Easter is an
EGGS-ample of God’s
EGGS-traordinary love,
An EGGS-pression of God’s
EGGS-ceptional love.

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