Daily Archives: April 5, 2014


T Minus 139

Today is the Wedding Day of Anita’s cousin, Owen, who is marrying Victoria at noon. Photo courtesy of Julian Sayer (taken from Facebook).



This provides an excellent opportunity to meet up with family. The first since we announced our intentions to move to Tanzania. Possibly the last meeting before we go.

We are of an age where most of our generation are married now and more often than not in recent years we have met up at Funerals rather than Weddings – so it will be nice to celebrate without sadness!

Family gatherings provide an opportunity to touch base and have a good natter – even in this era of Facebook and Status Updates – where I already know the location and activities of both groom and best man it is still important to touch base and I reckon that will be the hardest part of leaving the UK.

It would be great to know how other travellers feel

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold -2

This remote crossing in the jungle between Pleiku (Vietnam) and Banlung (Cambodia) was traversed in August 2013 as part of a World Challenge Trip to those two countries. Strange to come across this place in the middle of nowhere. It can take several hours to cross if you’re unlucky. Fortunately it only took us an hour!