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Things We Wish We’d Brought

The other day we received two packages from the UK. One of these contained a much needed and forgotten item Oven Gloves – something we had regretted not bringing from the UK. Another contained a Memory Foam Pillow for my daughter (again left behind in England). Thanks to Mum and Sister-in-Law!

This got me thinking about all those things we didn’t bring to Tanzania that I wish we had have done! Most are not major but little items that are difficult/impossible to find here. Here they are in no particular order.

Memory foam Pillows
I wish we had packed all the pillows- unfortunately three still remain in the UK. They were really comfortable.

Coffee Maker / Cafetière
Although I have one cafetière here I really need two – one for home and one for work. The work coffee is not too good and although I drink it O miss my real coffee – especially since I picked up some proper coffee beans in Serengeti.

Potato Masher
They don’t make such things here and though a fork will do it’s not quite the same

I wanted to bring saucepans, but in the end there wasn’t enough space in our cases. The saucepans here have handles which heat up making them unable to be held (except for oven gloves 🙂 )

Frying pans are fine but a Wok is much deeper and better in cooking. We certainly miss our old wok and they are reasonably pricey here.

We brought one – I wish we’d brought more. The less harsh light they provide would be superior to ceiling lights.

Whistling Kettle
Although we have bought an electric kettle a gas kettle with a whistle would be better – especially during power cuts.

AV Connectors
We brought our Blu-Ray player but there’s no way to connect it to our agony TV. I had a Scart to AV connector which wold have been perfect.

Secateurs & Trowel
We have a lovely garden but access to basic tools like Secateurs and a Trowel would have been helpful. As we plant new things in the garden.

I very nearly brought a hammer and screwdrivers – weight was a deterrent – just for things like putting up pictures and minor DIY.

If only we had not deflected from our original plan of brining a tent. Camping here has been good and would allow us more freedom to explore. We have borrowed this far but at some point we will look to getting one. We thought that hear would be a problem – but you don’t spend a day in the tent and nights are pleasantly warm. Of course we would also need other camping para

Camping Chairs
Not just for camping but good put up chairs for whenever you need them. Really useful and wouldn’t quite fit in.

Something we will have to get – so much fruit and veg here and an option to juice would be great.

Wine Glasses
We didn’t realise quite what a rarity these would be over here. Drinking out of a straight glass isn’t quite the thing.

Another item we would have liked to bring though completely impractical . Apparently you can get them here but for now we do without.

Overtime we may be able to pick up all these things. For now we do without and life goes on.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art Zebra



A submission to this week’s photo challenge one of the many Zebra we saw last week in the Serengeti but I love the rolling position.

Safari Birds

The birds page is updated to include the many birds we saw on our Safari adventure in Serengeti and Ngorogoro

Safari Mammals

The mammals page is updated to include the vast number of mammals we saw on our Safari adventure in Serengeti and Ngorogoro


This blog is posted by the power of 3G, (or possibly Edge) as we have no WIFI. After a day without water on Sunday, today has been a day without power in Mwanza. This has been a planned power cut, for reasons unknown, which has lasted from 9am until now ( it is supposed last until 6pm!). Luckily at Isamilo we have our own generator so I was able to teach today (ICT without electricity would be a chore!). Unfortunately the generators have not been used here at home – so it could be a dark night ahead if timings slip. We had a taster last night with an hour long power cut from 6:30pm ’till 7:30pm. Not fun has we were cooking dinner at the time (at least we have gas!).
With no power the water is back to a dribble. It turns out the water issue on Sunday was virtue of a power cut at the waterworks (no power = no pumps and we live in a mountainous region).
After two months in which utility-wise there were no issues – suddenly we realise we are in a developing country – either that or 1970’s Britain for those who remember!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art / Refraction

Not an easy challenge for me – but here it goes – this is a photo taken back in 2005 in Mousehole Harbour  in Cornwall. I love the way the light from the  seafront  decorations are scattered by the water. I suppose this could also qualify for last weeks challenge too11Mousehole 023-2 (2)


We have always taken water for granted in the UK. You turn on a tap and out comes water for washing, drinking or cleaning. In the UK ut is reliable and clean.
Here in Tanzania, although we do have to go through the rigmarole of boiling, cooling and filtering the water for drinking, what comes out the taps is fine for washing and cleaning. So far it has been reliable and plentiful. Until today that is. IMG_9339.JPGIMG_9340.JPG

Today the water pressure is low to non- existent. My morning shower was a dribble and the tap water is little more and as declined during the day. Apparently this is true across the compound. Luckily we have bottled water for drinks – just hoping it comes back soon – it could get a bit smelly and there are still holiday clothes to washIMG_9338.JPG