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Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation (II)

A second submission to this week’s photo challenge: Anticipation

Two years ago we were lucky enough to visit Zanzibar just before Christmas – an island of the coast of Tanzania which is a dream destination for many but right on our doorstop it’s an affordable destination.

This Christmas we are spending the holiday period back on Zanzibar and very much anticipating our return to this Island Paradise.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge (of Paradise)

Taken from our trip to Zanzibar in December 2014. Photos from the edge of paradise.

WPC: Numbers (on their shells)

A second submission to this week’ photo challenge :Numbers

Taken on Prison Island, Stone Town, Zanzibar back in December 2014. You can read the full post here but here isa quote from the original post.

When under British Protection the Governor of Zanzibar was friendly with the Governor of the Seychelles. As part of a gift exchange Zanzibar was given four Aldabra Giant Tortoises in 1919. These bred quickly and soon numbered over 200, but theft saw numbers reduce to only 7 by 1996. Finally with the help of World Animal Protection a program was put in place to build an enclosure and return tortoises, some found in Dar Es Salaam. Now numbers are are approximately 170. The oldest of these is 191 and there are several over 100 years old. Anita and I were both able to find tortoises who were our age (mere youngsters by comparison).

The tortoises all had numbers painted on their backs – indicating the age of the tortoise.


weekly photo challenge: Zanzibar Doors

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door”

At Christmas we visited Zanzibar and spent a few nights in Stone Town renowned for its ornate carved doors. Some were in a state of disrepair others pristine – here are a selection.

Zanzibar Retrospective: Spice Tour

as with so many of my blog posts from Zanzibar – I was not able to share the photos taken with the camera. More than most of my posts our Spice Tour on route from Ocean Paradise to Stone Town lacked the visuals so here it is with added pics.

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Six Months in Tanzania

Six months have come and in our new Tanzanian home. We landed in Mwanza on 22nd August and so our first full day here was the 23rd. Half a year on I share some of the pictures which have been part of our time here. For those on Facebook I have shared something similar but some different pics here.


Getting our bearings and making new friends.

September – Start of term, Nature, Malaika Beach

October – Travelling beyond Mwanza (Camping and Serengeti)

November – Birthdays, Fairs, Wag Hill and The Rains

December – Zanzibar and Christmas

January – More birthdays

February- Rubondo

Zanzibar Retrospective: Safari at Sea

Another retrospective from our Zanzibar holiday with added pictures from our camera. On one day we took a trip out to sea on an Ocean Safari. The original post is here.

The day consisted of snorkeling, a trip to a coral lagoon, a sand bank and an island where we ate lunch. However. the highlight of the day was seeing dolphins in the wild.

A year ago this was what we were posting

Zanzibar Retrospective: Beach Walk

Whilst Ocean Paradise we took a stroll along the beach down to a pier and enjoyed the wildlife and scenery as we went. The original post is here but this post adds in some camera pics to supplement the iPhone pics.


Zanzibar Retrospective: Ocean Paradise

Our stay in Zanzibar was split between two locations. Our first five days were spent at Ocean Paradise on the North East Coast. The accommodation was luxurious and as well as a pool we had an amazing beach close by. These pics include camera shots.







































Zanzibar Retrospective: Reef Walk

One of the first things we did in Zanzibar was to take a walk out to the Coral Reef discovering numerous sea creatures hidden in the low tide rocks and pools. You can find out more here the gallery below includes camera photos to add to the phone pics first time around.

Zanzibar Retrospective: Jozani Forest

This is the first of a look back at our trip to Zanzibar before Christmas. Largely photographic these posts use photos taken on the camera as opposed to the iPhone.

Jozani Forest is in the south of the island and is home to Red Colobus Monkeys who seem completely at ease with  human visitors. We got some great close-ups.