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Weekly Photo Challenge:Transition (of a Roller)

I was thinking of what to share for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge:Transition. I still had the photos open from our trip to Chobe in Botswana used in last week’s challenge and remembered a series of shots of a Lilac -breasted Roller landing on a branch.

This amazing bird is so colourful. It looks like a young child was given a coloring picture of a bird and used the entire box of crayons to colour it in. They live all over Eastern and Southern Africa though we have yet to see them in Mwanza.

The transition from air to land!



A Shortcut To Mushrooms

The rainy season is in full swing here in Mwanza with a downpour at some point every day at the moment. The once parched land is lush and green and plants are in full flower and birds in breeding mode.

On the borders of our garden all of a sudden mushrooms have appeared overnight – I doubt these are edible and certainly I’m not taking the risk.


The Kiswahili for mushroom is uyoga and many mushrooms is uyoga wengi.
Sadly it’s not ‘fungi wengi’ which would have been cool.

An excuse to include a clip from one of my favorite films. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Chobe Trio

A submission to this week’s photo challenge  on the theme of Trio.

Last summer we spent a day in Chobe Game Reserve in Northern Botswana – you can find out more by clicking the link

We spent the morning on a River Cruise and the Afternoon on a Game Drive. Both were fantastic trips with amazing wildlife.

Early on our boat trip we came across these three Impala drinking from the river.Chobe (110)

Here are some other Trios from our day.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio of Intelligent Primates

A submission to this week’s photo challenge: Trio

Purchased in the Gambia on my first trip to Africa -way back in 2006 – these Three Wise Monkeys were a gift to my in-laws and were last seen on display in the kitchen.

Three Wise Monkeys

Grey-capped Warbler

This is one of a series of occasional blogs highlighting the wildlife (and often more specifically birdlife) which visits our Mwanza Garden

This recently discovered visitor is  the grey-capped warbler. A striking visitor as so many are – this one is also a noisy one.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kingfisher Trio

In response to this werk’s photo challenge on the theme of Trio

Recently in the garden here in Mwanza.

A trio of Pied Kingfishers sitting on the electrical wires.

  …. and then one flew away

IMG_8062 (2)-0

…leaving two which flew too.

Cricket Season

I’m It’s the cricket season here in Mwanza and it has absolutely nothing to do with leather on willow…….

In fact the game hardly registers in Tanzania as far as I know – even with the resident Indian communities.

These crickets are the chirping kind of insect. The insects seem to get noisier at night. As the rains have  set in the chirping seems to have got louder, one particular individual was so loud outside our bedroom window that even the normally reliable fan failed to silence it’s chirps. Thankfully it has now moved on.