Battling the Bone Breaker

This was going to be a different journey….

A journey from Tanzania to Seychelles – a journey into the Indian Ocean Idyl of my next job in Victoria on Mahe Island.

This story has been ‘choked at birth’. Barely three weeks from accepting the post a routine medical check in Nairobi has put an end to things and forced me to return to the UK ahead of schedule.

Here I am embarking upon a journey, a battle against Multiple Myeloma (Cancer of the Blood Plasma). It’s a battle which will last many months but should ultimately lead to a remission, to the point of normality, though I will never be cured (medically) and will need repeat treatments.

I am writing this as a journal for my own sanity as much as anything else. Although it may reflect my Christian Faith from time to time it will not be a ‘Bible Bash’ more of a story. Feel free to join the journey a new blog –  in the coming days – the first post will be repeat of this one.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your health – wishing you all the best.

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