1. T minus 87

Today is our 19th Wedding Anniversary and a time to reflect on the past as well as look to the future – I share here  wedding pictures from that day almost two decades ago. These come from Anita’s Creative Memories scrapbooking album.


I find it hard to imagine I’ve been around long enough to have been married 19 years  – in my head I still feel like I’m in my twenties, although my body says otherwise.

As days go it is going to be low key – the first order of the day will be a thorough tidy of the house which has gone ‘a bit to pot’. I had plans to sort through the garage but the weather is very wet and not conducive to pulling everything out  reorganising. If it brightens up a little –  maybe later on! We have boxes of tools and the like which I really need to go through and set out for sale. How many electric screwdrivers and power drills do you really need? I might pull some boxes into the house for this – it has to be done!

We have a couple of days away in Cornwall at the end of the week which will be a mini-break for us and a chance to celebrate amid the business of preparations. More on this later in the week. 🙂

It is  amazing to think where we’ll be spending our twentieth and twenty first anniversaries. Let alone my 50th birthday!

Although unfortunately the half term in Tanzania is a lot shorter this time of year and next year’s anniversary will be a working day 😦  Nonetheless traveling to Tanzania does open up a whole lot of possibilities in terms of where we can celebrate such important dates. Zanzibar, Serengeti among a number of other places on my bucket list. 😀

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  1. wow..congratulations and happy anniversary!

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  2. Congratulations!! Hope you both had a wonderful day 🙂

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  3. Wonderful photos and memories. Many congratulations, both of you and have a lovely time away in Cornwall at the end of the week. 👍😊

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