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The Best Laid Plans

T Minus 22

It’s been a much tougher day than expected. So much so we have had to modify plans. The in-laws are back tomorrow, the kids are staying here tonight. There is still so much to do and we need to attack it head on.
Today we have cleared the kitchen and identified that which we’re giving / dumping taking. We did similar in the bathrooms. The kids are virtually packed but we haven’t really started on our own. One problem we knew we’d encounter was the sheer volume of stuff we want to take compared to what we can take. We might need an extra case!
A long day ahead but we’re worrying as to whether we’ll do it.

Another problem is the car. We own it but need to sell it. The only problem is that our dealer, Perrys want to give us a ridiculously low figure, so we’ll need to try and sell privately, but have lite time to do it. Another hurdle to clear.


T minus 22

So the last full day in MK has arrived – after nearly 26 years in the town and 17 years in the house things are coming to a close. Yesterday was a sad day as we said goodbye to the Guinea Pigs. These have been my daughter’s pets. Just over 2 years ago we gained Cinnamon and Muffin, then just over a year ago Biscuit, Saffron and Jellybean. Sadly two have died over the past 6 months but yesterday Muffin, Biscuit and Saffron were given to my daughter’s friend. It was she that gave us the original two so it’s full circle. My daughter was particularly affected but we all ( even I) are missing the little “furballs”.
Last night Anita’s Homegroup had a barbecue goodbye – and this was our last official contact with the church. Faces we have known – some as long as 26 years were there and though we had a great time there were more goodbyes.
Today we have another mammoth clear up ahead, at the end of the day the kids leave with their grandparents leaving Anita and I to do the final clear up. Then will end an epoch which has taken me from a single guy in his early 20’s to parent of teenagers in his late 40’s.



Temporary Tennants

T Minus 23

So here we are – temporary tenants in our old home. Yesterday we exchanged, however, our buyer is content for us to remain in situ until the weekend. So begins the last three days in MK and the final clear and pack. It’s a big job, but we’re glad to have Anita’s parents down to help out. Time is definitely against us and do much is now being tipped or given to charity including stuff we’d rather have sold but such is the way of things.
Difficult decisions lie ahead there is no way I can take all the clothing I want too!



Data Dilemmas – Media Matters and Digital Devices

T Minus 23

We live our technological western lives surrounded by data. Electronic binary crammed full of personality. The data itself is invisible taking up no volume. The media upon which it’s stored is heavy and takes up space, space we can’t necessarily afford.

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We are Complete!

T Minus 24

The house buying / selling process in England is more complex than in some other countries, we are led to believe. It is certainly a long winded process as we have found. We put our house on the market on April 2nd. This involved engaging an Estate Agent to market the property. After several weeks and lots of viewings without success we finally found out about the solar panels. Then out of the blue a buyer who was prepared to buy out the solar panels. Seemingly job done; on May 3rd we sold subject to completion.
We thought this was the end game, but we had not counted on the solicitors!. In England , you engage solicitors to undertake the legal aspects of the sale and to arrange the transfer of monies. In the over two months since we ‘sold’ the solicitors have had a plethora of questions and have taken an age to process our responses. Given there is no chain (i.e. one house being bought/ sold) and that we are selling to people we know, this has been a drawn out process. The has first involved signing of a contract by both parties (we signed on the 27th June), but further questions delayed and delayed this section of the sale. The second stage is completion when the house sale is finalised – and with a sense of relief this has happened today 🙂 we are no longer home owners which is scary but the way is fully open for our departure. 20140729-123302-45182716.jpg

Alton Towers

T Minus 25

Today we have had a great day out at Alton Towers, courtesy of Tesco Vouchers. The weather has been perfect and we took the opportunity to splash out on some Fast Track Tickets which cut out some queueing. Having said that it wasn’t incredibly busy. A great day out ahead of the last few days packing up20140728-182839-66519715.jpg




Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’ at a Theme Park

A submission to this week’s photo challenge –
Summer Lovin’
taken today where we are at Alton Towers one of the top Theme Parks in the UK.20140728-104005-38405366.jpg