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Red Garden

The first of a series on the colours of our garden.

The most prominent accent colour in garden is red. Whether it is in the flowers or in the birds (Black Headed Gonolek, Red Billed Firefinch or Red Chested Sunbird).

Weekly Photo Challenge : (Tranquil) State of Mind

As I sit here late on a Friday evening listening to music from the latest Ministry of Sound Chilled House Compilation the image coming to mind is one of tranquility. 

So here is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind taken from our recent holiday near Tangaimg_6274 kiasmos-looped

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Dry) Season, (Wet) Season

After a somewhat extended rainy season it finally seems that the dry season is upon us here in Mwanza – the temperatures are on the rise and the ground once sodden is turning to dust. As yet the remaining moisture is keeping the garden plants from withering and the impending long rains, due in March will probably mean they never dry out – this time will come over the long dry spell from May until November.

Here is the garden now as a submission to the WPC:Seasons 
Wet Season

Dry Season

Fishing Village

IMG_2749The village of Kigombe just down the beach at Peponi is reputed to be the oldest in Tanzania. Regardless of that claim there certainly was a large fillet of ships in the bay and each evening just before sunset  a number of villagers  would make their way down to the beach. Laden end with buckets and other containers carrying lamps or ropes they would wade out into the shallow waters heading for their boats.

They would then spent the night on the waters of the Indian Ocean their lamp lit boats strung like pearls across the horizon. IMG_2306

The following morning they return fish ready to sell or take home for food.


Ten years ago I visited a different Fishing Village on the other side of Africa in The Gambia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons (What Seasons?)

A submission to the WPC:Seasons

There are I real seasons here – wet and dry seasons are the nearest we get but there is dry and sunny in the wet and vice versa in the dry, just more of the expected weather.

This week we have taken a break at Peponi on the Indian Ocean Coast of Tanzania, south of Tanga. The weather has been very hot and largely sunny. Here are some pictures of our week in the sun.


Crab Beach

Peponi Beach is full of crabs, all scuttling along and diving down their neat circular holes as soon as danger approaches, all accept the hermit crabs which serenely waddle in their borrowed carapaces.



The Scourge of Tanzania

 We are staying in a beautiful place. The wildlife is amazing, crabs of numerous variety scamper sideways across the beach, waders wade the shallow seas and the sands for Crustacea and palms sway gently in the sea breezes and yet….

…even here the scourge of Tanzania prevails. Plastic!

Bottles litter the beach.

 This is a small fraction of those I picked up in the last 100m of a walk back to Peponi – I could not carry more with ease.

 Many Tanzanians, sadly do not dispose of rubbish wisely – plastics are dropped or purposely swept overboard from boats – there is no regard for the environment here. So a place as isolated as this stretch of coast is blighted.

 In truth it is possible to overlook the litter – there are not great clumps of rubbish. However, dotted along the beach are bottles and bags, lids and tops, sacks and rope all plastic all dumped, only slowly (very very slowly) degrading on the sand.

The previous photo blown up!