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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top -1

Here is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge. This picture taken at Hidcote Gardens in Gloucestershire is of a Crown Imperial (Fritillaria). Taken  from below, using the front facing ‘Selfie’ camera  on my iPhone. This picture also features in my post  Hidcote Gardens



My second submission is here

Thank You

T Minus 126
Today we got our 100th follower and have now surpassed 6000 views.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and following our blog. It is really appreciated. Happy Easter everyone. For those who are on holiday enjoy the break.

A question for those established bloggers out there. Does anyone know why some countries have shown up in one blog count but not another e.g. Japan, Pakistan, Zambia, Lithuania, Kuwait?

Mary Had A Little Lamb….

T Minus 126

Today is Good Friday. The start of the Easter Weekend. Beyond the Christian festival there are many traditions which have been added over the years, which maybe get in the way of the real story. Don’t get me wrong I love Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns – even so in 1993 I wrote this sketch / poem. I cannot claim the first verse which is the traditional nursery verse but the rest is mine. It was performed by One Way Drama Team in an Open Air Service in Bletchley, Milton Keynes on Good Friday.

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T Minus 126


As part of an aim to blog earlier travels before leaving for Tanzania,  the  Italy Page is now live with content from out trip to Rome and the Vatican.

Follow the link to see much more detail and more pictures. 😀

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument – 5






I could have chosen any number of crosses representing this lasting monument. However, this was taken on our trip to Rome & the Vatican in 2005

Vatican 002


Nothing more to say on this of all days