Sunday Morning Sounds

Following a suggestion by my brother I thought I’d share some of the sounds Mwanza and I have started with the dawn chorus and the bird songs of Sunday Morning here in Isamilo.IMG_1074-1
We have a lovely garden here and birds are aplenty – in the track below you will here Black Headed Gonoleck ( dop dop dop weep and wowp wowp) Mourning Doves (dhloooo), a bird as yet unidentified with it’s rhythmical “do do we do”, a cockerel, black kites (high pitched wheeek), Cape Robin Chat (choop be choop be woo), the dogs, our cat mewing to come out, among other sounds including the Imam at a local mosque.

These are the sounds of my Sunday morning. What are yours?

A year ago it was a very different Saturday  as we started our Clear Out in earnest.

4 responses to “Sunday Morning Sounds

  1. Can’t compete with these sights or sounds! Lovely birds!


  2. Wonderful African dawn chorus,thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks Ally
    Certainly different to sounds back home


  4. I absolutely love the sounds of Africa 🙂

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