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Sunday Morning Sounds

Following a suggestion by my brother I thought I’d share some of the sounds Mwanza and I have started with the dawn chorus and the bird songs of Sunday Morning here in Isamilo.IMG_1074-1
We have a lovely garden here and birds are aplenty – in the track below you will here Black Headed Gonoleck ( dop dop dop weep and wowp wowp) Mourning Doves (dhloooo), a bird as yet unidentified with it’s rhythmical “do do we do”, a cockerel, black kites (high pitched wheeek), Cape Robin Chat (choop be choop be woo), the dogs, our cat mewing to come out, among other sounds including the Imam at a local mosque.

These are the sounds of my Sunday morning. What are yours?

A year ago it was a very different Saturday  as we started our Clear Out in earnest.

Sunday Bake

With the girls getting better and my son out for the afternoon playing MineCraft. I decided to do some baking. I enjoy cooking and in the UK did most of it. Here in Tanzania the presence of a Houseworker, who likes cooking (and baking in particular) and Anita being at home has meant I have done less of this. Even so given the chance it’s nice to spend a little time cooking.
I fancied making scones and was tempted by the large number of mangos to do something like Mango Scones. Scouring the net for I found some good recipes – alas we had no eggs. Then I tried searching “Banana bread” before thinking Mango and Banana bread – I even found an eggless one here. Although not a vegan – it fitted the bill.

IMG_9490-2.JPGif I were to change one thing I would probably dice the mango finer otherwise it tasted perfect.
Still wanting scones I turned to making Cheeses Scones – the lack of sufficient butter led me to searching for an oil based recipe which I found here. I simple substituted the oil suggested for our own bog standard vegetable oil .


IMG_9493.JPGAll in all a successful Sunday Bake!

I Was There……..

T Minus 131

Today is Palm Sunday which is the Sunday before Easter Sunday and the start of Holy Week. In March 1992 I wrote the following drama sketch for Palm Sunday.

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