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Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale (in the Serengeti)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge: scale shows giraffe and zebra on our Autumn safari in the Serengeti – it’s a favorite picture of mine and is used as the default header for this blog.

It shows the true scale of the landscape against which even the tallest animals in the world seem tiny.

Giraffe and Zebra on the plain

Giraffe and Zebra on the Serengeti plain


Land of Towers

Mwanza is a known as Rock city due to the large number of enormous boulders strewn across the city. This is a hilly city with a number of peaks rising from the city away from the lake. But it is also a city dominated by towers. These red and white pylons dot high on the hills and thus dominate the landscape. In the UK they would cause an outcry, with irate NIMBY’s complaining vociferously, but here they are on the horizon and almost vanish as they become part of the norm. The towers are built to transmit radio signals vital for communications in this rocky domain. This the 3G signal remains fairly constant, though the same cannot be said for broadband, our signal at work often dropping and blamed on faulty towers.