Daily Archives: February 4, 2015

A Day of My Life

In the past three weeks I have spent over 12 and a half hours invigilating ICT mock practical exams.
In the next six weeks I will add another 15 hours as the students do the real thing. Added together that will be more than a day of my life sat watching students complete practical tasks at IGCSE, AS and A Level.
In the UK I didn’t invigilate any mocks or public exams, assessment took place by coursework, to be honest I probably spent more that 27 hours marking coursework over the year.

Invigilation can be dull but at least you get the chance to reflect a bit. However, the most exciting part of the practical exam is collecting the printouts from the printer and delivering them to the students, it does break the monotony. I’m sure that it will all be worth in the end – but for now I need to get on and do all the marking.

Zanzibar Retrospective: Ocean Paradise

Our stay in Zanzibar was split between two locations. Our first five days were spent at Ocean Paradise on the North East Coast. The accommodation was luxurious and as well as a pool we had an amazing beach close by. These pics include camera shots.