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Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry Tallinn

A submission to this week’s photo challenge on the theme of symmetry.

Taken from our visit to Tallinn, Estonia in 2011, buildings and people (us). The images are all slightly off centre but there is symmetry nonetheless.


Today we welcomed our first visitors from the UK since our arrival in Tanzania. Although we did not know Steve and Judy well, they were members of our old church in Milton Keynes.

They are in Mwanza for a month visiting various NGO’s whom they support in their charity Wabia Network. These organisations within Mwanza and the surrounding areas are Tanzanian run but supported through their organisation.

We spent about three hours chatting over tea. It was great to hear news from the UK as well as to share some of our experiences here and to hear about their work too. All too soon it was over but it was a good time. For those at  St Mary’s, we have given to them a gift for you, which they will bring back when they return, we hope if will find some use and remind you of us.  IMG_9192

For now we have welcomed our first guests and though I appreciate we are off the beaten track here, hopefully we will have other visitors from home over the years.

A year ago this is what I was blogging

Zanzibar Retrospective: Beach Walk

Whilst Ocean Paradise we took a stroll along the beach down to a pier and enjoyed the wildlife and scenery as we went. The original post is here but this post adds in some camera pics to supplement the iPhone pics.