Let the Clearance Begin

T minus 189

Today is the start of Half Term and the start of the long process of clearing the accumulated detritus of 26 years in my own house (and 16 in this one). We have been ruthless! Anita in the bathroom clearing out numerous bottles of lotions and potions some of which are years old – including some small bottles of aftershave which I will miss 😦 . I on the other hand started on the Garage (with Mum who is down for the weekend). Several trips to the dump later we have made inroads – though there is a long way to go.


More garage tomorrow and then the loft – that is going to take a long time – some of the stuff came straight from the loft of our previous house 16 years ago and has not seen the light of day since.


It may seem a long time until we go – but a holiday week like this is a golden opportunity to get started. Certainly we are considering the options as to whether to rent or sell and may need to leave the house  before the summer depending on the best option.


15 responses to “Let the Clearance Begin

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  12. Heather & Geoff Sandiford

    Looks like the garage will soon be available for you all to move into! Another option? Guess you’re all going back to work/school for a rest! Sure you’ll feel some small sense of satisfaction and progress after all your hard labour!

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  13. I must point out (upon request) that Mum does not dress like this to clean the garage. In actual fact we had just returned from church and I wanted a photo.

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  14. Garage looks a lot better than it did!

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  15. If you can rent, iyts an income and an investment, u can have an agency manage it for you. Try not to sell unless u really have to!


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