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Rubondo: Bird Island

In addition to the Hippos and Crocodiles there is a wealth of birdlife on Rubondo.  Here are some of the ones we saw and were able to photograph.

We had hoped to do a boat safari which sadly was cancelled due to the swell, otherwise we might have seen more.

Rubondo: Crocodile Island

Having just returned from Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria the second of a couple of short posts. A longer written account will follow in the coming days.

The waters of Rubondo are home to crocodiles as well as hippos. On our second day we saw some enormous crocs on our Walking Safari.Rubondo 20 Feb (179) Rubondo 20 Feb (194)-1

Then in the evening after our meal we spotted a croc in the lake it’s two eyes reflecting back the torch light. It drew closer as we watched and by means of a fish head left over from a meal we encouraged it ashore. We managed to get some great shots of the enormous reptile which just sat there for over half an hour.Rubondo 20 Feb (336)-38

Rubondo 20 Feb (348)-45