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We arrived in Mwanza late afternoon – all our luggage survived and made it to Mwanza.

We were met by Vicky (Reception
teacher), Naomi (Head of Sixth Form) and Rob (husband of Naomi). Luckily Rob was driving a big truck and there was enough room in it and Vicky’s car to fit our mountain of luggage.
After a lot of wrangling with the porters (who had been very helpful but expected an enormous tip for the work they had done), we were driven across town to our new home. We were shown around the property

Our new house is so spacious – it’s the largest I’ve ever lived in. We have a good sized lounge with an arch through to a fining area and a further archway through to the kitchen; it’s quite open plan. It is basically but comfortably furnished. The walls are whitewashed and there is a concrete floor. The dark wood furnishings set it all off nicely. We have started populating the walls with pictures from home and other items. Beyond the lounge there is a large lobby with various rooms leading off including three bedrooms, a toilet and a separate bathroom, as wells as a large store cupboard. We have a large garden beyond a verandah which leads off the lounge in the opposite direction. All doors and windows are shuttered with mosquito mesh, the glazing is slatted a allowing free flow of air. For now the house is full of cases and partially unpacked items – hence the lack of photos.

Over a cuppa talked about the area and the school. Our kind hosts offered to take us out for dinner and so after a shower (hot!) we headed out to the Isamilo Lodge Hotel for a curry. It was a lovely evening and a real kindness as we as yet have no Schillings.

We returned late and resolved to spend time unpacking tomorrow.

6 responses to “Mwanza

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  3. So haapy to hear uare being well look after look forward to hearing more about ur adventures xx


  4. Your new life has begun! Looking good!


  5. Wonderful to hear how great the accommodation is 😊 Enjoy!!


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