Daily Archives: August 25, 2014

Out of Touch

T + 3

I am sitting waiting for the kettle to boil. I am listening to the amazing mix of bird song – from the familiar cockerels, doves and sparrows (there are sparrows here though subtly different – still sparrows) and the unusual cries and warbles that make this place exotic.

Last night, the remaining new colleagues arrived (due to a family wedding we had come a day early so that family could see us off). Their flight had been worse than ours due to problems at Heathrow; surprisingly the weak link in the whole journey. After a shared Pizza at our place – organised by the school they all retired to bed and we settled down to watch a DVD. We have managed to connect the PS3 to the TV and were nearly all the way through Mission Impossible when there was a Power cut. It was late so we turned in.

I am used to being able to share these impressions immediately and enjoy the feedback via WordPress or Facebook or other social media. Therefore it’s strange to think that I don’t actually know when this will be posted. The generosity of neighbours has allowed us a little connectivity and I have been able to send short emails and post something – but I don’t want to take advantage.
On the schedule tomorrow is a trip to town to sort out connectivity so hopefully we can be more connected soon, but for now we’re out of touch.