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Weekly Photo Challenge : Zig Zag in Tallinn

A submission to this week’s photo challenge – Zig Zag.

The Tallink Building in Tallinn – an amazing set of zig zags makes this building very distinctive – seen on our way to and from our Hotel on our visit to Estonia in May 2011.Day 3 (83) Day 1 (30)


Our New Home

T Minus 19

This our new home …… for the next 10 days that is. ;-D.20140803-145946-53986775.jpg

We’re All Goin’ on a Summer Holiday

T Minus 19

A day later than planned but finally packed up and out of house it’s time for a bit of R ‘n’ R. We are off to Newquay for a week camping, followed immediately by 3 days of the same in Cheddar. We will join family in Newquay and meet family in Cheddar. It’s such a relief to have something else to do other than pack. Apart from the fact we’ve just packed up the car for a week away 😉
Let the holidays begin!20140803-080031-28831902.jpg