Mwanza Market Morning Mooch

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We woke up late after a good night sleep, woken only briefly by the amazing dawn chorus at about 6:30. Along with recognisable doves – there were also stranger songs – yet to be identified. The bird life is amazing here. When I can I will get some pictures.
Rob and Naomi had offered to take us around the local fruit and veg market which operates every Sunday morning. Luckily we had eaten a quick breakfast and were ready. On
Our way out we also met our neighbours (Rachel and Stéfane) fellow teachers who offered us an opportunity to use the internet to contact home.Everyone has been so generous,
The market reminded Anita of Malaŵi me of The Gambia as well the ones of Cambodia Vietnam. Piles of fruit and veg on blankets on the ground – bartering prices and being tough customers. Generally being white = being rich and so we attracted much attention. Lots of choice, so we were able to get some good bargains which went into a lunchtime stir fry. I loved the colour and hustle bustle if the place. Not a place to take a camera though so no pics. We also visited a local supermarket where you can pick
up other items such as solid “washing up liquid” which goes much further apparently.

After lunch of Stir Fried Veg and Rice followed by Watermelon it was onward with unpacking which still continues as I write – so I’d better get back to it. Looking forward to the end of this pack / unpack business!



6 responses to “Mwanza Market Morning Mooch

  1. Hi graham mum told me today about your move and new job,good luck to you,Anita and the kids love Maria x


  2. Heather Sandiford

    I like this instant communication! So different to when you were in Malawi, Anita, and all we had was snail mail! Good to see you both looking relaxed in your new home. Our love to you all.


  3. Really good you are settling in so well and that people have been so kind to you. As Dad would have said ‘Have fun’ !! God bless.


  4. Yay!! Wonderful! So delighted! 😊👍💚


  5. Really good to hear that you are there – safe and settling in.

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