Dar Rush

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Not sure when this will be posted but ….. We have just left Dar Es Salaam after the most rushed transfer possible. Just hoping all the many bags made it
Today has been a day of travel. We flew through the night from Heathrow to Addis Ababa, arriving at Bole in the early morning. The plane had left late the night before, but made up time. The weather in Adis was full drizzly and at 16C would have served as a British morning, except we were at an altitude of over 2100m. We had only two hours in the transit lounge, but other than excellent free Wifi (take note Heathrow), it had little to offer transit passengers – just getting 4 bottles of water involved going through a security check and entering the departures lounge. One amazing coincidence and near meeting that an old Church friend Mike was also in Addis at the same time, though not in the airport until later that day we exchanged messages (small world!)
Leaving Addis Ababa we boarded a plane for Dar Es Salaam, the plane was smaller and some of our hand luggage had to go in the hold. At some point we crossed the equator but I could not tell you when – no mini computerised maps and personal maps on this flight.
In Dar the rush began, first port of call immigration and for me obtaining a work visa and the family visitor visas which need to be upgraded. This a was slow process but we got through. Arriving at the luggage conveyor to pick off our 17or so bags, we started to make our way to transit – this was when we were approached and told that the only flight to Mwanza today was about to leave and we had to rush.
Rushing with 4 heavily laden trolleys down back corridors only just wide enough to fit the trolley was not easy. Then our bags had to be weighed and excess paid (cheaper than London but still a lengthy process!). We had to stow all our hand luggage this time! To be fair customs were excellent and we got through in time. The plane is smaller still (twin propellor). At least we can all a window seat this time and significantly more leg room. Mwanza here we come.

3 responses to “Dar Rush

  1. Karibu Mwanza


  2. Amazing events and so pleased things were simpler this time. And quality wifi!! 😊


  3. God is so good,!!


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