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Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured Ruins

A submission to this
week’s Photo Challenge – Texture
IMG_6813.JPGthe texture of the roots of the trees growing over and a through the ruins of the Jungle Temple at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.IMG_7257.JPG

A Slice of Cheddar

T Minus 13

We have left Newquay and headed up to Cheddar (home of the cheese) where Anita has family. We are here for 4 days staying at Petruth Paddocks; a campsite owned by Anita’s cousin Julian. It’s a lovely site even on a cloudy evening with great views of the hills surrounding Cheddar Gorge.

IMG_8331.JPG Our plan these 4 days is to visit a few of the family. However, for now we have an open fire – some Marshmallows to toast and
Pizza on order from the local takeaway, wine and cider to wash it down (for us adults!)