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What a Car-ry On?

T Minus 2

Today I have been in possession of three cars.
The first was our own trusty Citroen which departed these shores at 5pm 😦 IMG_8035.JPG
At 11am we picked up a hire car – a Vauxhall Zafira from a local AVIS. Fortunately I took out a policy which covered all damage and repairs. Within 3 hours I needed it as I left the house to find that one of the tyres was flat as the proverbial pancake. A phone call lead to a conversation with the AA where they were convinced there was no spare and I who had checked said there was. Eventually a nice man from the AA came to fix (I had far more pressing things to do and having paid £30 per day for the cover I was going to get my money’s worth). Unfortunately the tyre was one of those temporary jobs which only let you go a certain speed and shouldn’t be used for long journeys. Do we needed a new car. Because the Oxford branch don’t take phone calls, a lengthy phone call with AVIS ensued, in which I spoke with Barcelona? (unhelpful) and Swindon (helpful). This resulted in a replacement vehicle, an Audi Estate. The local office were very helpful face to face, so it was a good ending to a stressful day!
So we return to MK tomorrow for our day trip to collect injections and GCSE results (but not necessarily in that order), visit Guinea Pigs and friends( possibly in that order!), do last minute shopping. Thankfully in a car which can go more than 50mph.

What’s Missing?

T Minus 2



Here’s a clue



All Packed Up!

T Minus 2
Late last night we finally completed our packing (barring a couple of last minute things). It was a mammoth job and in the end we’ve “bitten the bullet” and bust our weight allowance. As we’re moving to Tanzania rather than going on Safari we are comfortable with this and prepared for the added costs. There is still a tidy up to do – we couldn’t face that at midnight but we’re done.

Today we sell the car and hire one for the last two days. It’s an Estate Car and we’re gonna need it! Then hopefully an afternoon where we can chill and actually spend some time with our hosts.:-)