Solar Storm in a Teacup!

T minus 114

Selling our house has proved a little more difficult than we imagined and it’s all down to Solar Panels

When in the Autumn of 2011 we had our Solar Panels fitted we were assured by the advertising that it would make our property easier to sell . They were fitted by a company called Freetricity at no cost to ourselves. They have provided us with free daytime electricity for over two years, in that time we have saved a load on our bills. Surplus electricity is sold by the company to the grid and this is where they make their money. They win, we win – so why the problem?

In a nutshell to protect their asset (the panels) they lease the surface of our roof. This lease lasts 25 years. They don’t own our roof to our house and have no automatic right of access. We get free maintenance by agreement requiring a man to come once in a blue moon (annually?) to check things over. In all the high winds and heavy rains of the past year there has been no damage and no leaks. We like the panels and can see no problem but others disagree!

Unfortunately the presence of Solar Panels and the contingent lease, sends the banks into apoplexy and there is a “computer says no” response to anyone approaching them for a mortgage resulting in no offer or a ridiculous rate of interest!!

So now we are left with one of two options – hope for a cash buyer or buy ourselves out. This is not a cheap option!!

It’s all a bitter pill to swallow but we don’t have forever. We think we were mis-sold but don ‘t have the time to fight it for now.

People keep coming so maybe we will strike lucky. We continue to hope and pray!

3 responses to “Solar Storm in a Teacup!

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  3. We continue to pray, bro in this situation for God’s provision.


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