To Market, To Market….

T Minus 142

The process of untangling ourselves from the UK continues.
The next stage begins – our house has gone on the market

and we have two viewings today. This means constantly having to keep the house in tip top condition – always a strain with two teenagers and busy working parents but it has to be done. The guinea pigs who have no idea of how to behave are now consigned to the garden in an outside cloche designed and built by Geoff to house their indoor cage. This at least prevents stray sawdust littering the floors.

As for us -just making sure everything is put away at all times. It can be done!

17 responses to “To Market, To Market….

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  8. Are you taking the guines pigs with you?


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  10. Where are the Guinea pigs, have they already moved? Looks amazing, hope u have a speedy sale!! Its a transformation from when i was there not so long ago, u must be so proud of ur selves!! GO Tanzalongs go!!


    • Thanks Chris – have a look at the Spring Garden blog – you’ll see in one of the pics something looking like a mini greenhouse (built by Geoff it’s a container for the Guinea Pig cage)


  11. As mum says, well done: everything looking good 🙂 Praying too for a good sale and no hassles 🙂


  12. Heather & Geoff Sandiford

    Looks such a nice house. Are you sure you want to move?!


  13. Well done everything’s looking good. Praying for a good sale with no attached problems. 👍. 😑

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