The Multicoloured Tree

Every day I pass by, both on the way to school and on the way back. Every day it is in multi-coloured flower. I know not its species but it is an amazing blossom display of purple white and yellow.

In a way it reminds me of our old wisteria from our garden , though those blossoms were more profuse and more transient.

Beneath the multicoloured bush unnoticed until today are some sort of flowering cactus / succulent. On closer view,  interesting in their own right.

2 responses to “The Multicoloured Tree

  1. They are so unusual! Another of our Creator’Creator’s amazing designs!


  2. beautiful:) we have a flower here called Suryakanti, Surya means Sun and Kanti means beauty. This flowe is white in the morning and slowly changes colour becoming light pink and by evening it is dark pink.
    Thanks for sharing:)


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