Daily Archives: March 2, 2015

Seasonal Fruits

While the UK has moved from late Summer, through Autumn to Winter and soon to be Spring, here in Tanzania the temperatures have remained fairly constant. The weather has not really changed from month to month with one exception,  the Rains. You might think that’s a pretty big change and in some ways it is, but for the fact that when the Rains have come they haven’t come every day they rarely last too long. Inevitably the hot sunshine has returned even on the wettest day. As featured in an earlier post – some trees exhibit all four seasons at one time.

The real measure of change has been the changing fruits (and veg) available.

When we arrived in August, it was Passion Fruit, as we moved into September, there were more pineapples around, by October it was Mangoes and Avocados whilst Passion Fruit were phasing out. Nearer Christmas we started seeing more Oranges. Pineapples were still very much in abundance and along  with bananas both continue to be commonly available.

Rubondo 21 Feb (289)-13

Pineapples being transported to market


In early March we have come to the long awaited tangerine season. These are probably my favourite fruits. Passion fruit are also on the return. Here these are yellow-skinned rather than the purple-skinned we ate in Britain, then again Oranges and lemons are green-skinned here even when ripe. Mangoes are now becoming less abundant now and we have started to see Pears on sale.  Apples are imported from South Africa, but are expensive here.

The seasonality of fruit and veg here is reminiscent of my early childhood in the ’70s when food was home grown in the UK rather than imported and so much more restricted in availability.