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The Multicoloured Tree

Every day I pass by, both on the way to school and on the way back. Every day it is in multi-coloured flower. I know not its species but it is an amazing blossom display of purple white and yellow.

In a way it reminds me of our old wisteria from our garden , though those blossoms were more profuse and more transient.

Beneath the multicoloured bush unnoticed until today are some sort of flowering cactus / succulent. On closer view,  interesting in their own right.

Four Seasons, One Tree

The tree outside my classroom is currently exhibiting all four seasons. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.  Branches bare, in bud, in leaf and losing leaf. Such are the trees of the tropics

Christmas Tree Close Up

Not able or wanting to get a traditional Christmas Tree we decided on a more local tree – a Palm in place of a Spruce. Simply decorated in LED lights I love the way the fronds cast shadows on the wall as the lights illuminate the branches.







IMG_9674.JPGI hope the tree does well in the corner of our living room – it is near two windows so I should do. After all potted palms were once all the rage in the UK


Maybe because it’s we’re far from the UK. Maybe the surreal weather. Maybe just because it’s a quiet weekend but we decided to put our decorations up. Continue reading

The Tree At The Back Of The Classroom

The tree at the back of the classroom provides shade and is a popular resting place for the monkeys and birds. Or rather it used to, for today it has gone.
Following heavy rain early this morning the tree (rotten through at its base) crashed on to the road outside – luckily no one was injured. It was a big tree and must have been there many years. The view from the windows has enlarged markedly, but it was a shame.IMG_8945.JPG
The whole road was blocked and as a result staff and students were delayed. Within half an hour or so half a dozen or so Askaris (watchmen) were at it with machetes and an axe and were carving at the wood.

By lunch the road was clear with the remaining trunk left leaning over the fence – to be cleared another day. All this without the aid of a chainsaw.

For those who might wonder, no students were harmed in the taking of these pics, snapped during a non-teaching lesson, at break and while students were engaged in research activities.