Daily Archives: March 7, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge : Orange (or Green!)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge on the Orange theme. Oranges are not orange here ……… they’re green. Even when fully ripe! They do taste delicious here, nonetheless. Would you buy a green orange?

Doggy Dip

Saturday mornings on the way to prep I always encounter lots of dogs, some on leads, some not all heading towards the same place. All the owners are in search of one thing the Dog Dip. 

At this place the dogs are immersed in some sort of chemical wash – this is presumably designed to kill fleas, ticks and other parasites. I have seen a truck load of mongrels offloaded here so it must be a central point for the area. The dogs don’t like it – you can see them rubbing their eyes and trying to get the chemicals off. There is much yapping, barking and woofing. Dogs here look alike, orange brown, short haired, pointed noses and ears but now at least they are parasite free – for one week at least.

Weekly Photo Challenge : African Orange

A submission to this week’s photo challenge on the Orange theme. Orange is the colour I associate most with Africa, in it’s sunsets and sunrises, it’s soils and it’s wildlife, Photos from our six months in Tanzania.