Weekly Photo Challenge: (Hadrian’s) Wall

A late submission to this week’s Photo Challenge – Wall.  I suppose that next to the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall (neither of which I have been to), the next most famous wall is Hadrian’s Wall (to which I have thankfully been).This wall built by the Romans, in AD 122, across the Northern  Part of England from just north of Carlisle to Newcastle. It’s purpose was to control the trade in the region and to keep the  armies of the Picts, from north of the wall (Scotland), from invading Britain.These photos from my visit in August 2013 on a visit to Hadrian’s Wall at Housesteads a ruined fort.

An earlier visit to the wall way back in 1988.



2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Hadrian’s) Wall

  1. I hope to see some of Hadrian’s Wall one day. But in the meantime, I enjoyed your glimpses of it.



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