Daily Archives: March 13, 2015

Sweaters in the Sun!

It’s been meltingly hot today. It says 31° on Accuweather but personally it has felt hotter – certainly in my ICT room, well above the temperatures which closed the ICT suites in the UK. Imagine my surprise to see a number of students wearing cardigans and sweaters today. As I perspired these students seemed quite comfortable, dressed as they were. For me the fact I have to wear long trousers is bad enough – to contemplate adding an extra layer to the top half seems utterly unthinkable.

When questioned two girls commented it had been “cold in the morning” (it was, in fact, a very pleasant 24°C this morning). Another boy simply said “I’m used to it”. After six months I have certainly acclimatised a little – I doubt I could have coped with these temperatures back in September, it does indeed feel cool when it drops to 18°C on some nights – but I doubt I will ever acclimatise that much.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angkor Orange

A late submission to this week’s photo challenge on the Orange theme. Angkor Wat in Cambodia was built as a Hindu Palace, but when the Khmer rulers converted to Buddhism the palaces were converted too. Now it is a holy place for both Religions but the Orange of Buddhism adorns many of the  Hindu statues. These photos from my visit in August 2013.