Birthdays! Birthdays!

This time of year seems to be a popular month for birthdays among the expat community here at Isamilo. This being the case there have been a number of social events recently. Having hosted a birthday celebration for one of the other children last week and visited Tunza Lodge for another celebration at the weekend, this week it is our time with a brace of birthdays coming up in the week ahead. There are further birthdays to come in the weeks ahead for others at Isamilo.

Today it was the turn of my daughter. We had a number of colleagues and staff over after school for a cake cutting a present giving followed by a dinner for the family at Hotel Tilapia. This is one of the best places to eat in town and although it is a little more expensive than some places it was a great place to celebrate my daughter’s 14th. Whilst there we got some night shots including a great one of an oncoming storm.



3 responses to “Birthdays! Birthdays!

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  2. Lovely photos suitable in celebrations for a lovely young girl. Happy Birthday Beka 🎂 🎁

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  3. Happy birthday! 😊👍🎉🎈🎁


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