Daily Archives: November 9, 2014

Wag Hill

Six Birthdays in and around November call for some celebration. When one of these falls on a Saturday what better way than to hold a mega-birthday celebration at a local retreat.
This weekend a group of 15 of us travelled a short distance down the lake to a place called Wag Hill Lodge.
This place sounds like an Underground a Station on the Northern Line but is far from it. Set in acres of woodland on the hillsides overlooking Lake Victoria the site consists of 5 lodges. Each lodge is scattered through the trees with fabulous views of the lake below and the forest around. We were in Fish Eagle which had great views but was high on the hillside. Inside we had a double bed and two mattresses for the kids within tent inners. The whole accommodation had an open feel with mesh windows for walls on all sides. The lodges were all eco-friendly with solar lighting and water heating. We all went self catering which cut the costs a little. This meant travelling with food (we decided on a BBQ with accompanying snacks and salads etc. Arriving mid-afternoon we were taken around the peninsular by boat and then allocated lodges.


In the centre was a swimming pool, a bar and a kitchen/lounge area. Saturday afternoon was spent lounging around the pool and exploring the site. Wildlife spotted included Rock Hyraxes and Tree Hyraxes as well as various birds and monkeys.


As evening fell and we enjoyed our BBQ we were privileged to see a Genet (a spotted cat with a long stripy tail). The bar was an honesty bar which meant you listed the soft or alcoholic drinks you used and this was calculated as a cost.

The evening celebrations focused around a colleague’s birthday.
There was plenty of kindling for the log fires and we sat until late in the evening beneath the stars.

Today I was up early (woken by the dawn chorus which built from
Isolated cheeps to whoops and whistles. Donning a dressing gown provided I made my way down to catch a view of sunrise. Rather than looking East the sky was more dramatic looking West as gathering storm clouds took on a hue from Pink through Oranges, Yellows and Creams. I was joined by monkeys out foraging for breakfast and swallows/swifts after the same. Taking a trip across the narrow peninsula I also saw the actual sunrise (now golden).

Breakfast was followed for some of us by a mid-morning walk up into the hills with owners Bill and Robyn (and Spot the dog). We got some great views though the acacia bushes were sharp to the touch.

The rest stayed by the pool where we joines them for lunch. More time in the pool ahead of a late afternoon departure home.

A truly relaxing day or so in amazing surroundings.