Daily Archives: November 23, 2014

Busy Day ….. Sleepless Night

Life here can be hectic. After a great night on Friday at the Charity Quiz (We so nearly won but we’re pipped by one point!), I was hardly home yesterday. The day begun with a trip to see Saturday school at 10am. An hour there and a wander through the grounds above the school, was followed by a visit to the birding house An 12noon for their Open Day and a chance to meet their parents. After a shared meal it was off to rejoin the rest of the family who were going to a shared barbecue at 2pm. There we stayed chatting and eating until 7:30 when we crossed the road to the Teacher Flats to celebrate a colleagues birthday on the roof. Another couple of ours of chat and celebration before returning home at 10pm a full 12 hours out. Great fun but I’m not sure I’d cope if every Saturday was full on like that!

Post Script
Returning to the compound we found that nearby there was a Disco /Party blaring out loud music and thumping base. Sadly this continued through the night only stopped at 8am by the scheduled Power Cut. Rarely have I been so grateful for the loss of electricity.

Upper School

Since there is an extremely loud disco going on nearby and I’m highly unlikely to get any sleep soon another blog post.
Today has been a hectic day with a variety of social activities to fill up 12 hours from 10 ’til 10 of which more another time.
After Saturday School I did have an hour before the Border Patent’s Visiting Day Lunch. So I decided to do something Inhad never managed to do so far and explore the school grounds. In particular those parts on the hill. Our school is built on a hill and above the pool area there is a Cricket Area and above that a Netball Court. On the other side above the football pitch there are Tennis Courts and a Squash Court. Then a wild area of trees and scrub which lead up to a water tank on top of the hill. This wild area was remarkably peaceful and gave some great views of the Lake. Loads of butterflies too. A great place to sit for half an hour or so.