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Weekly Photo Challenge : Converge

A submission to this Week’s new Photo Challenge – Converge. These images taken on the Causeway to the Ile de Noirmontier in the Vendée in France – taken back in 2007. There are the converging lines of the causeway and the converging of the sea and the land as the road is submerged twice daily.


It will soon be Christmas and we will, as usual start decorating the house on Advent Sunday. This year we are restricted to our Christmas Lights from home – packed in our cases when we came over. We will need to source some Christmas Decorations locally – perhaps using foliage as a fellow resident has done to manufacture an advent wreath.

Today, however I discovered some Poinsettia growing on the compound. Not the tiny shrubs we see in the UK but a great big bush on the compound. We will need to take a sprig or too, or maybe even find a bush to plant from the local garden centre.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular In Vietnam

A late submission to this week’s photo challenge- Angular

Various Images from Vietnam from July 2013. These images contain angles of various kinds.

Computer Mouse

There’s a mouse in my computer room! Actually there are lots of mice in my computer room but I don’t mean this type.IMG_9601.JPGI mean this type!

So far I have not seen it but it has left evidence.

IMG_9600.JPGThe problem is that mice eat through cables and this one lives near the switch box (basically allowing the computers in my room and other classrooms access to the network and the Internet beyond!) So trouble is coming if we don’t dispose of the rodent.

So we’re setting traps. There’s only one type mouse I want to see in my classroom and it isn’t this.