Daily Archives: November 5, 2014

Bonfire Night Blues!

Today in the UK it is bonfire night, the day when traditionally people visit or hold their own firework displays often with bonfires. In practice these may occur on the nearest Saturday or Sunday. The closeness of this event to our family birthdays has meant that fireworks have often formed part of our celebrations.

One of the strange things here has been the lack of fireworks. There were some a few weeks ago for Diwali.
The burning of rubbish by many across the town brings with it bonfire’s of a kind, but the acrid sweet smell of burning plastic is not the same. The heat here is also a factor – no crisp Autumn mornings or the whiff of frosty air. Temperatures remain high and if anything it’s getting hotter overall (or at least more humid). Actually I like the heat and it’s nice not to worry about needing a coat or sweater.
Nonetheless, one of the strangest things about being far from home is the distance from established traditions – and so November 5th this year will go off without a bang!


Bonfire Night 2011