Daily Archives: November 8, 2014


Today is the day of the Christmas Craft Fair which is being held at Mwanza Yatch Club (this is not a typo it is spelt that way!). As I write this I am listening to Sleigh Ride (bells and all), incongruous in the weather!
This annual event brings together the various artisans from across the town including a number we have got to know over the months we’ve been here.
In addition it brings together the ex-pat community. It’s times like this you realise how small it is. In addition to the staff from Isamilo International School there are folk from the various NGO groups from around town, many Christians we have met. There are very few faces I don’t recognise. We are very much a minority here.









Hot and Stormy

Whether we are in the rainy season is debatable. The weather here has not been following the usual patterns according to long term residents. We had some rain in September and heavy downpours in October which are out of the norm.
Now we are in November we have certainly seen more thunderstorms and with them some intense rain on some occasions. We have probably had thunder and lightning most days this week. Unlike the UK, where you get three hot days and a thunderstorm followed by cooler weather, here the heat remains. If anything this week it has got hotter – this may be the humidity at work. Between the daily storms it’s usually blue skies and sunshine. The storms are usually early morning or early evening and last up to an hour and no more. As for the heat some say this is the precursor to the true rainy season. Whether climate change is at work and we get a true rainy season remains to be seen.