All Packed Up!

T Minus 2
Late last night we finally completed our packing (barring a couple of last minute things). It was a mammoth job and in the end we’ve “bitten the bullet” and bust our weight allowance. As we’re moving to Tanzania rather than going on Safari we are comfortable with this and prepared for the added costs. There is still a tidy up to do – we couldn’t face that at midnight but we’re done.

Today we sell the car and hire one for the last two days. It’s an Estate Car and we’re gonna need it! Then hopefully an afternoon where we can chill and actually spend some time with our hosts.:-)

7 responses to “All Packed Up!

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  3. Wishing you good luck and much happiness in your new life. I am really looking forward to hearing about life in Tanzania. X


  4. It has been interesting watching the progress – when I started following it seemed such a distant goal, and it’s here now! Safe travels. Brett


  5. Excellent and well done you have all worked very hard.


  6. Well done. 😊 A mammoth job, as you say, so well done for doing so well. Hope all goes well with the car sale/hire too. 😊


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