So What Next?

T Minus 106

So we’ve sold. So what happens next?

It is likely that completion will be within the month barring any hitches. Our buyer is actually looking to rent the property and so we are looking to stay until August subject to any agreement. This will hopefully provide a little stability for the kids as they finish the school year and allow us a more planned departure.

We still have a ton of stuff to dispose of and we now need to revisit the whole process of separating that which we are shipping from that we are selling, storing or dumping. This has been on hold for a month or so whilst we were on the market but now has greater urgency. Ideally we need to ship 6 weeks before we go. Anita has a plan!

Meanwhile life goes on as usual in terms of work, church, family and friends. I wonder when it really will start to feel very different?



5 responses to “So What Next?

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  2. Purge!!! I found it incredibly freeing to let go of all the ‘stuff’!


  3. Thanks Joy 🙂 God’s blessings in all that’s going on at your end


  4. Fantastic news sold…things seem to be moving quickly… God is good so many answered prayers…. We’ve finally got paperwork thro to buy our home… At a realistic price.. Mals got new job less hrs more pay.. And I’ve got date for knee opp…Gods moving here in as big way….Love and blessings to you all Joy x


  5. Exciting news! It will be tough to choose what comes with you and what stays behind.


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