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May Day

T Minus 96

It’s been a lovely weekend. Warm and sunny weather today and yesterday – a real tonic. We had a fab barbecue last night with some new friends and other new friends round this afternoon. It’s nice to live outdoors and enjoy our decking area. We’re planning to use the barbecue again this evening – just because we can.

20140518-183316.jpg I think the British weather is at it’s best in May. I always imagine that it will herald a fabulous Summer.

20140518-183502.jpg Unfortunately, in recent years at least, a fabulous May has been followed by a disappointing June damp July and doggy August.

Obviously it will be our last UK Summer for a while, and even though we are moving to warmer climes, I really hope that this weather will persist. After the wet and windy Winter Months I just hope this May Day will result in a meteorological miracle and lead to a great Summer.

Where we are going the weather will be hot and dry through until some time in October/November when the rains begin.

Mwanza Climate.

There are two rainy seasons in Mwanza from November to December and again from February to April. Having said that the UK has had one long rainy season in recent years!

Travel Theme :Blossom

Taken from our very own garden – I make no bones about sharing pictures of our amazing Wisteria blossoms in combo with the Ceanothus.









A submission to this week’s Travel Theme: Blossom

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art (3) on a Tallinn Wall

An entry to this week’s photo challenge Found on a wall in Tallinn’s Old Town in May 2012. I’m not certain if it was Graffiti or a sign. It certainly complemented the wall upon which it was painted.