Daily Archives: May 24, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist (3) – The Ultimate Twist!

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist
I wasn’t expecting to post again today and especially not on this challenge – but here in a somewhat dismal Northampton precinct I found this unexpected sculpture on what was otherwise a fruitless shopping trip. This is the Ultimate Twist for sure!

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Last Minute Man

T Minus 90

I’m a bit of a last minute man. I need that little bit of pressure, that buzz from realising it has to be done by a certain time. Experience has taught me when I might be a little too late, so nowadays I always meet my deadlines but in truth I cut it fine. This does not mean I don’t plan – just that I plan to do things last minute.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist (2) – On a Pedalo

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist
This was a surprise twist in lots of ways as we travelled along the river near Apremont in the Vendée, France in 2010.  
In a pedalo!


Twist (1)