Phasing Out!

T minus 172

“tat”, “jumble”, “goods”, “superfluous”, “shipped”, “stored” and “packed”. All phases of reduction we’re going through.

Let me explain…..

Phase 1 – “tat”

This started during Half Term and continues to date. During this phase of our clear out we have gone through the house getting rid of all the tat! Those things which are too old or too worn; too damaged or too outdated; basically stuff we no longer want or thing anyone else would want either. This has been physically demanding but relatively easy to do.


Much of this work since half term has been done by Anita as evening work prevents me from doing too much in the week.

This phase will soon finish once we have tackled the loft this weekend.

Phase 2 – “jumble”

Alongside Phase 1 we have also started Phase 2. In this phase we have been putting to one side that which we don’t want but think others might want, but unlikely to buy. We have needed to be fairly ruthless but stuff we will never want or wear or play or read etc once we reach Mwanza doesn’t need to come with us. That stuff,  the jumble, will either be given to jumble sales or charity shops.

Phase 2 will continue do a while longer alongside Phase 3.

Phase 3 – “goods”

Phase 3 is the process of identifying stuff we no longer want but feel that others might want to buy – although we’ve sorted we’ve only just started this phase. These goods are being sorted into boxes ready for sale on eBay and in car boot sales.

This will hopefully bring in extra funds and give items a good home when we’re gone. Phase 3 goods might become Phase 2 jumble if they don’t sell, but hopefully not too many.

Sorting out the tat, the jumble and the goods is a time-consuming but relatively easy process to complete. What comes next will be much harder.

Phase 4 – “superfluous”

Once we’ve filtered off tat, jumble and goods we’re going to be left with stuff which we will need to reduce further. The challenge here will be to dispose of stuff we want to keep but is superfluous.


Some will be shipped others stored others will need to be allocated to jumble or goods. We haven’t decided any of this yet.

Only then can we commence Phase 5

Phase 5 – “packed”

The last phase once all jumble and goods are disposed of and other is stored or shipped, we finally get to pack.

I never thought I’d look forward to packing!

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  7. I think you have all been amazing! You have done such a lot in a relatively short space of time. I admire you all for taking up this challenge in your lives. Bekah you taught me something in your new language which I used when I went to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, and that is mbili twiga, although actually I saw tatu!

    will keep praying

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