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Weekly Photo Challenge : Twist

A spiral staircase from the Jardín de Cactus on Lanzarote. Taken in 2006 at this Manrique  exhibit my submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

18 Jardin de Cactus 052


I still had open my Lanzarote album when I saw this theme having just submitted some photos to the Weekly Travel Theme: Metal and so from the same album my submission.

Travel Theme: Metal

Taken in Lanzarote in 2006 – a giant metal sculpture outside the Manrique created Jardín de Cactus

A submission to this week’s Travel Theme: Metal 18 Jardin de Cactus 002   Other Manrique Metal sculptures from across the island.16 Mirador del Rio 00115 Jameos del Agua 00116 Mirador del Rio 002 Sculptures03 Manrique House 018 03 Manrique House 017

The Sands of Time

T Minus 91

It’s difficult to believe that today is the end of my penultimate term. Like grains of sand rushing through the narrow neck of an hour glass, time is rushing by at an ever increasing rate.


Suddenly we find ourselves nearing the end of May. In three months time depending on how you measure it, we will will either be spending our last day in England (Friday) or our first day in Tanzania (23rd).
I think that part of the issue has been the business of work and also the plethora of Bank Holidays concentrated into April and May, another Bank Holiday weekend is upon us and will allow us to meet up with Family. The rest of the week will possibly involve a trip to Lincoln to drop off some stuff for storage and some further house clearance. We aim to of some trial packing to see how much it all weighs. We are also looking at some options for our equity and considering the possibility of investing in a smaller property.
It will be a busy week – probably our last week off before we move. We hope to make the most of it.