Safari – Day 1 :Serengeti (Now with Pictures)

Apparently the Serengeti is wrongly named. It should actually be the Siringeti (a Maasai word meaning endless plain). Regardless of this today was our first day on Safari. We left bright and early and took the long road out of Mwanza to the game park. Actually it’s only 2.5 hours so not too far by international standards. We arrived just after some colleagues who were travelling with a different company – a good job as they need a push after their car broke down. Then, papers processed we were off. Straight away we saw Baboons and Impala, then Zebra, Waterbuck, Topi, Warthogs, Buffalo, Wildebeest. By lunch though very few big game. Then at our lunch stop Giraffe and Hippos. On our way again we saw little new and were beginning to be a little disappointed. Matt did spot a loan Hyena and I a Dik Dik, but otherwise a blank for a long time. Then all of a sudden a pride of lions at a river crossing, then within minutes some Elephants. A great end to our first day on Safari.

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