Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

Camping by the Lake

This weekend we have left Mwanza and travelled a short distance up the coast at a place called St Dominic’s Annex Beach. We are here with the school borders on a camping weekend. Given this morning’s weather this is either brave or foolhardy.
Having said that it’s nice to leave the town and experience a little bit of rural Tanzania.
Currently the borders sure help ping to prepare an evening meal (Spaghetti Bolognaise)

There are numerous bugs here attracted by the light, otherwise it’s a lovely spot and provided you keep away from the strip lights it’s fine.

There have been signs of a storm way out across the lake and I would really like to see one for real (rain free of course).

Some pics when the reception improves.


Here Comes The Rain Again

It’s just gone 6am and there is a storm raging outside – even if I wanted to I couldn’t sleep. Apparently the rain comes early here. The windows of our house are slatted and permanently open as (despite what long term expats and nationals say) it is still hot here. So the noises and smells are turned up to full volume. Outside the lightning flashes and the thunder crahes. Petrichor fills the air (you can learn something from watching Doctor Who – it’s the scent after rain has fallen on dry earth). It’s not yet light but for now the power remains on. Whether the rains stop in time for the walk to work or whether we’ll cram into a car (thanks to kind colleagues) remains to be seen. The other day the rains brought torrents which washed away some of the roads and brought some flooding. It brought down a tree at work. Yesterday in contrast was dry and sunny (and hot) so it’s not all rain in the rainy season!
We are going on a camping trip with the school borders this weekend – so just hoping the weather improves a little in the next two days – though rainy season has definitely arrived.

One of my favourite Eurythmics songs was entitled “Here Comes The Rain Again”